Project Showcase: Integrated Center for the Young

Back in college, if you were to tell me that I would be building websites for clients in the future, I would probably just laugh at you. I was the least technical person I knew back in that day. All the Photoshop work and the Keynote presentations were never delegated to me because of this. Fast forward to ten years later and here I am, building websites and doing graphics and artwork (LIKE HOW EVEN) for a living. And that, brings me to this.

Over the course of a few months, a common friend and artist, Andre Baldovino, asked me what I did for a living. Naturally, I answered Digital Marketing (you know, mostly Facebook-ing all day errday) and I casually mentioned that I was looking into website development. At the time, I was sort of teaching myself basic website design and development. It just so happened that he was looking for someone with my skills to manage the online properties of a school that his mother owned, Integrated Center for the Young. A few months later, they brought me on board to manage their online properties, build their website from scratch and revamp their brand bible.

With the help of Graphic Designer and Artist, Ralph Guibani, a now frequent collaborator, they changed their logo and other assets.

This was their original logo. The brief was to update it and make it look less like a preschool logo and modernize it.

This is what we came up with:

This is the website that I built for them (self-pat on the back). The brief for this was simple. Build a brochure website that would highlight the various things their curriculum offered and that people who want to make inquiries could set an appointment easily.

What I loved about this project was that I got to work out my website development muscles. It's a great feeling having been able to accomplish something after having believed for so long that I would never possess the abilities to do so.

Aside from rebranding and website development, I also utilized my content creation skills. Here are some of the posts done for the school's Facebook page:

There was something greatly fulfilling about being part of a project from start to finish. Now, while I do not handle their social media account and website management anymore (like I've mentioned in a previous blog post, I like to avoid clients being dependent on me and prefer to teach them how to operate without me in the future), I will always look back at this particular project with great fondness. Not only was I able to add certain skills to my repertoire but I felt a good confidence boost in these skills, and I'm certainly looking forward to more projects like this.

Have anything to share? Leave your comments in the comments section below. I'd love to hear from you!

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