Project Showcase: Menina Step Philippines

Of all of the industries I have dipped into, I have to say that social media content ideation is something that I am most comfortable with. There is just something about it that fascinates me. Effective content pushed out by creators and consumed by people and the manner of its consumption are usually good indicators of whatever evolution human society is going through (as a collective). Aside from it being a fascinating topic, it's just fun to think of things to post on behalf of a brand.

One such brand that gave me great joy to be a part of its content ideation team was Menina Step, a Spanish brand of handcrafted and handmade leather shoes for women and young girls. They launched their e-Commerce store (check it out here!) about a year before bringing me on board. Brought to the Philippines by badass lady entrepreneur, Alexys Delgado and fierce mommy blogger, Shari Poquiz, the brand flourished and gained popularity, despite only making appearances in special events and staying mostly online.

Due to their increasingly busy schedules, Alexys and Shari contacted me to supplement their already strong social media presence. They wanted to add a fresh set of eyes (and hands, I suppose...because Photoshop?) for layouts, photoshoots and social media content. Because even if it is only posting on Facebook and Instagram, it really can be a full time job. It's pretty time consuming!

What I love about social media content for the retail industry is that it's flexible and it can be aspirational, which is what I loved about this brand. It was definitely well within my comfort zone. And also, hello? Shoes. Anyway, here are a couple of my favorite posts that I helped create for the brand. (Click the photos to enlarge)

Have anything to share? Leave your comments in the comments section below. I'd love to hear from you!

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